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What we can signify for you

We listen to our customer needs and translate them into a custom made home automation system. The great thing about our systems is that we do not have any problem with automating an existing house. Without cutting or crushing work we can make the installation. A new build modern house of course is no problem at all as well.

FACT has an own repair service at it's disposal, due of which we can provide fast service to your high-end audio or media. We always have several touch screens in stock and can demonstarte them in the showroom.

In consultation, it is also possible to place a pilotsystem so that you can feel the convenience yourself.

We also have the opportunity to demonstrate our home systems in a realistic environment.

Key Benefits

  • Fast service, annual inspection of the systems (security & surveillance)
  • The operation of the equipment can be shown in advance in a demo house
  • We can supply Professional High-end audio and offer the services on it


Total solution
We coordinate the entire project and work with our own project developers, electricians up to interior designers. In an existing home we usually implement a complete system in one day only!
Delivered Users ready
We program for you the installation and you can ( if desired) install it yourself while maintaining the full FACT service support.
Project support
We support various projects and electricity companies. In good consultation with the client we realize their wishes. From the start of the project, we advise you in the realistic capabilities of the systems and we take into account that there might be changing patterns of the inhabitants way of living. From an agreed moment, we take the work over from the electrical engineer and we implement the custom made data media and automation system (home automation) and put the dots on the i.If you want to realize project a high yield project, we are ready and happy to help you out and to reale it together with you. In addition to that, the ability to offer home automation applications in a building project enhances it's incomparibility and brings an extra gloss layer to it.

Unfortunately, we have seen several projects that have gone totally wrong because the installer had not the knowledge to settle a good home automation system. Very often it gets forgotten that a considerable ICT expertise is involved to be able to implement todays domotica systems (which means no glorified light installation!) Ask us about the possibilities so that it will go well at your place!!

Below is a picture where we have placed security and automation. There are only a few couple of cables that need to be worked away in a nice way and it's done. Unfortunately, we were in that time so busy with the system (so nice) that we totally forgot to make another picture ......

We should also see the practice, a nice project with media servers ,various MCE machines, touch screens, and everything possible being automated. We were very excited to deliver a such beautiful home automation system.

Make a quick free appointment with us to discuss possibilities!

You can e-mail with questions or comments about this website to ICT@per-fact.nl.

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