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Apartment Heerlen center

After an excellent and decent planning, we have put a lot of technique in this apartment, the house knows when someone is at home and when there is an intruder. The system adjusts the temperature and the lighting based on these parameters. At dusk, the system will close the curtains and turn the light slightly on. All switches are removed and the control of temperature and light curtains is done via a portable touchscreen.

Recently I have spoken with the residents and what do they do: they turn the alarm on and off and they leave the rest up to the system: from lightening to climate control up to music. The only thing they do manually it to switch from radio to TV. But usually they have the radio on, and when they get up in the morning it's automatically switched on. When a resident comes home his prefered radio channel/ music is played.

Security and a complete home automation system

Review this photo again, there is no switch in sight!

Bungalow Maastricht

a complete home automation system in the higher zones of Maastricht!

With the various touch screens, 1 large wall installation in the living room and a smaller mobile touchscreen in the kitchen it's possible to read the news, to see the weather forecast, to control music, radio, DVD, TV, lights, curtains and many Scenario's. In this bungalouw we used our own FACT HV pro steering unit that allows the residents to listen to their favorite music (or later the news on TV). Even the access is controlled by the unit.

House Hoensbroek

At dusk the the shutters close and if nobody is at home the light switch on in energysaving mode. The usual FACT options are developed and totally based on the principle continue living independently.


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