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Company Profile

FACT owner, Mr S.L. Wehrens, has been active in the Domotica sector since 1995.. At the Lucas kliniek of Hoensbroek (a clinic specialized in revalidation) he was involved in the creation and development of automations and adaptations for disabled people. It started with speech synthesis and computer adaptations to solutions in the revalidation hospitals up to complete renovations of houses. After having optimized/ automized his own house he started to offer his home automation service to an increasing number of interested customers in his spare time, after working hours. From that moment he started to receive more and more requests to provide luxury homes with home automation (domotica) and security systems. His partner's contribution, Ms. J. Wehrens, is of great interest and importance, as speaking 8 languages, she is able to find and import the best and most designfull materials from any place in the world and to explain the system to customers in their own language. This is one of the reasons that allows us to set a high quality world wide standard for Domotica. End 2005 we eventually took the decision to go alone and to set up our own company. Six months later Mr SL Wehrens stopped working for Toshiba ICT in Europe and continued full time with his newly successful company FACT.

Daily automating operations was from childhood in his blood. After completing an electronics training, followed by a training in ICT and specialization in various home automation systems, everything went really fast. As a passionate Pronto Professional programmer various interesting software programs were loaded into the Phillips Pronto's resulting in an optimized and extensive use of touchscreens in our daily life, spanning from reading the latest news, checking the weather forecast, using multimedia, monitoring lightning system and climat control etc.

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