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Carefree living begins with a secure home. Besides a reliable locking and hinges system that keeps of burglars The electronic alarm system that we provide is an excellent addition to the overall security of your house, apartment or cottage.

The reality shows us that only 6% of Dutch homes are electronically secure. Many people think -wrongly- that their house is safe enough and leave the security of the house completely on that one extra chain on the door.

As you can expect, our security products are domotica proof. All the security products that we install can be linked to the overall system. Furthermore, our security products are vet by NCP and thus meet the requirements. FACT is not BORG certified and works closely with Intergarde Nederland in case a certified installation is required. Sampling and Reporting are realized in cooperation Inter-garde so that we can always meet your requirements.

Most important advantages:

  • An up-to-date security system that meets a global standard automation.
  • In cooperation with Intergarde we can meet the most demanding requirements.
  • As the system can be used on the building block principle it's extendable.
  • Health, safety and comfort in one solution.

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