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Home Automation

You will automatically live more delightful.

'Digital' dominates our lives. At work, under the engine bonnet of our car, the supply of gas, water and light, radio and television: without automation a 'normal life' is hardly conceivable.

Automation gets also through to our houses. Not only by buying a computer for word processing and internet, but also through home automation.

Domotica is the collective name for all forms of automation that affects living. Lighting, heating, communication, security: each 'device' with a cable can be part of a home automation system.

Multimedia, lighting that adapts with a push of a button the atmosphere in the house (e.g. from “eating” to “watch movies”), Internet, alarm system: domotica settles it all. And large-scale or complex? Absolutely not!

Applying domotica offers many opportunities to addapt a house completely to the wishes and needs of its current residents in their different stages of life, but also to those of its future residents. Without construction and braking works.

A house with home automation is distinguished in a positive sense. The interest in houses with added value is always greater than for the same house without home automation devices. In addition, the ability to offer home automation applications in a building project enhances ist value and specialty.

We work closely together with Rob Stassen Interior to Stein when we need to automate the curtains and screens or if you also request a new decorative home make-over. We strive for continuous quality and therefore work only together with partners that persue the same precision as FACT!


Do you know following situations?

  • At the evening after work you go to do the weekly groceries or you go shopping. You come home and search in the dark for the keyhole, or you try to switch on the light while balancing you groceries in your hands.
  • Before bedtime you or your partner checks "for a second" the whole house in order to make sure that everything is switched off or closed.
  • During the night you need to go to the bathroom and you prefer not to switch on the glaring light, so choose either to walk in the dark or to experience the Light shock moment.
  • To keep your current energiebill low and save costs you do not heat your house during the whole day in winter but only if you are at home, with the result that you mostly get into a freezing house right when you come home.
  • You went out for a nice party evening with your friends or you are visiting your family on the bankholidays and festivities and it is an however an unpleasant feeling to leave your house “alone’ on these days.
  • How often did you wish for an extra switch for that lamp in the living room or down at the hall?
  • All these situations can be easily settled by our home automation system with simple and affordable process.

Most important benefits:

  • Later expansion is allways possible
  • Cutting and drilling is not necessary as we are specialized in older houses
  • The system applies to a world standard

Make a quick free appointment with us to discuss possibilities!

You can e-mail with questions or comments about this website to ICT@per-fact.nl.

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