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The term multimedia implies that image, sound and communication are combined together. There is a wide range of multimedia products. And you certainly understand that we like to integrate them as well in our touch screens. We have a wide range of music server that work in our the demo home. If we take for example a high-end amplifier with a music server and next to it a couple of good speakers, a nice LED display, we are convinced that you have a horizon of possibilities. Everything goes over The TCP / IP protocol which enables us to stream images, music and data, to communicate with the control units and to retrieve data from the Internet. Here again we would like to emphasize that this is again compatible with our home automation.

Some of our brands: Chord, Creek, Hantarex Tannoy, Canton, Pronto, Escient, Leaf, Chevin, Epos, ISOL-8 Fatman.

With the programmed Pronto touch screens you can control a media server that has been nicely worked away, meaning that it’s not in the view of everyone. With a good amplifier and a pair of Canton speakers you have a wonderful system. The possibilities of a media server are fantastic. In case you choose to link it to your TV you can view and display photos, movies and muziek. And at the same time you are able to select and view the music information on the touchscreen. Discover the unlimited world of pleasure and relaxation!

Please feel free to request information and learn more about your possibilities!

Most important benefits:

  • A multimedia system provided by FACT is compatible with your system, you have one touchscreen for everything.
  • The multimedia communicates with your home automation system.
  • Operable from any room (media is TCP / IP-driven) which means that you do not need to aim with the remote on the equipment!

Make a quick free appointment with us to discuss possibilities!

You can e-mail with questions or comments about this website to ICT@per-fact.nl.

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