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Steering units

PRO FACT HV control unit

Our steering unit is a reliable and powerful basis for an ideal home automation system.
We import this unit and deliver this throughout Europe. In our opinion it’s the world's best steering unit as it is assembled by the same team that assembles for the NASA! This unit can control wired systems but also wireless systems. It’able to send and receive IR signals which allows him to manage your media. Heating and temperature are also fully manageable. This product has very extensive programming capabilities, and in case you want to you can even program it as a security system with many extras. If you're not at home, the unit takes over the daily operations, and simulates that your house is inhabited, nevertheless everything on cost- and energysaving mode. If you come home in the dark or late in the evening the system will ensure that the walkways are lighted up and that your favorite TV program or radio transmitter is turned on. To be honest there is too many to mention, in principle, allmost everything is possible and the unit can be programmed as you want.


Key benefits:

  • Communicates with the Philips Pronto Pro AMX series and even a normal IR remote control
  • Contains 8 relays which can be charged up to 8A, 8 digital and 8 analog in and outputs, 3 RS232 ports, USB, video in and out, and is expandable. A TCP / IP port is also possible with an internal web server that does not request monthly charges
  • FACT has all knowledge available that is necessary for an excellent support, we develop the modules.
  • 3 years warranty
  • No radiance by your home or business
  • A "green" configuration makes a home automation system environment friendly!

Have a very good look at the picture below (fact project 04-05-2009) The living room looks really tight and it's completely upgraded with electronics!!

With a complete system by FACT, wall switches are not necessary anymore! Good service and quality vouch for your installation! In this house everything is managed by our intelligent steering control units. A custom-programmed touch screen makes it possible to reach and operate use lighting, media, environment, news etc etc.

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