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Eight years ago the original Philip Pronto created independantly anew class of programmable touchscreen remote controls for intuitive operation. While developing the new generation of Pronto remote systems, Philips relied on the knowledge of installation specialists to meet their needs but also the needs of the user. And the result is definitely there: a stylish remote control in a compact and ergonomic shape. The touchscreen is not only intuitive in operation but a lot of attention has been paid to improve the efficiency and reliability in programming.

We program the touch screens ourselves and are therefore able to design for you a custom layout, which emphasizes also the user-friendliness! Allow yourself to get surprised by FACT and make an appointment for a demonstration.

There are to many possibilities to mention in order to tell you everything that is achievable with these tuch screens. In our showroom, it is even possible to read the latest community news of Nuth from the screen! Not to mention the world news. In practice, we found out that the first look of a resident goes to the screen, to double check if there any news ... FACT has access to a database with more than 20,000 IR codes including B & O codes! B & O does work perfectlyl with the Pronto Pro Series!

Most important advantages:

  • Replaces all existing remote controls in the house (never again 5 remotes on the table..Hooray!)
  • Communicates with your home automation system ( Light, climate control, curtains, etc.)
  • Retrieves information from the internet

The new touch screens of ABB please a lot of people, also these systems are linkable with our system and can be fully integrated by FACT. Reality is, that this system is difficult to fit into an existing house as EIB / KNX operate over an own wired netwerk. This is of course not a problem for FACT As we have our own wireless (Powerline) systes that we can easily retrofit into existing homes. Please note that this happens all without leaving dust or making a mess in your house!

Make a quick free appointment met with us to discuss possibilities!

You can e-mail with questions or comments about this website to ICT@per-fact.nl.

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